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We are transitioning to the development of mobile applications.

We are looking for talent and not necessarily experience!

ADVIAO is in the process of realigning our business goals and has established a new company, Adviao LLC here in Maryland.

We have two unique mobile application concepts we would like to develop. The first one is a social media app. We plan to develop the app we are calling 'UMI' for a proof of concept working prototype for entry into the Microsoft for Startups program. As such, we are looking for 1-2 students who know how to build applications in Adalo or a similar type of tool. Longer term, we want creators that know how to custom program and write code that will offer a higher level of flexibility and functionality.


After the application is completed, we will be looking for staff that can run the application and help us scale and grow our social media presence.  

Adviao LLC is a young company with room to grow.  It will be interesting for you to be involved in the emergence of cutting-edge concepts that are projected to include artificial intelligence and other algorithm-driven tools. 

We hope that:

  • You are able to work virtually from home (WFH).

  • Expect daily builds in the application and a quick 15 min. 'hot wash' at the end of the day to review the progress and status of software development.

  •  You are flexible with compensation. We are planning a fixed price for the delivery of the working prototype. However, depending on performance, we desire to sign on staff that will grow and collaborate long-term with the business. 

  • You will be required to sign a notarized nondisclosure agreement prior to learning more about the project(s).

  • You have hardware and possibly software that can build the application. For a teaser see

  • You know how to code or write in Java or comparable scripts that would allow unique functionality within the mobile and web application.

Still in the early stage of recruitment, and this may be offered as a paid internship and/or student assistant assignment. 


If this profile fits your background, please email us at or Please send your resume, CV, or a demonstration of your ability and background.

Note: We are very interested in everyone and would love to work with historically marginalized populations. 

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